An Ambitious Goal

Several years ago, longtime friends Mike Edwards and Chris Fisher sat down over glasses of good bourbon and talked about how crazy it was that they'd found so much success in real estate so quickly.  They attributed the success to their ability to connect and communicate with people easily, skills honed on the streets during their careers as law enforcement officers. 

As the two talked, an idea started to form.  They knew that the character traits and skills they used to be successful were not unique to them, and those skills are prevalent in the law enforcement community.  At the time, communities were burning, it was the height of the Defund the Police movement, and police morale was at an all-time low.  They wanted to do something to help, so the idea for the Ten 7 Project was born.  

Initially, their goal was to help 1,000 police officers, but as the Project grew, turning away others, like firefighters and veterans didn't sit well with them. So, they modified the mission, made it harder, and the project morphed into the mission it carries today.  

The mission of the Ten 7 Project is to help 10,000 first responders and veterans supplement or replace their income by helping them find sustainable success as licensed real estate agents.  

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A Message From Mike Edwards

April 28, 2021


I spent 11 years as a cop and then I officially ended my law enforcement career.

During all those years, if I wanted to even try to get ahead I had to rely on the next overtime slot, the next traffic detail, the next extra job, etc...

For years I was sacrificing time with family for politicians and supervisors who didn't appreciate it and who would be quick to toss me under the bus, no matter how hard I worked...

That was until my friend and mentor Chris Fisher told me that because of my experience in policing, I was now equipped to kill it in the real estate game. As a former cop himself who had to walk away after an injury, he convinced me to get my real estate license and follow his lead.

Fast forward a couple of years, and both of us had successfully followed a pattern of how to grow our businesses, relying on skills we had developed as first responders.

While enjoying some bourbon (shocker), we came up with the crazy idea of wanting to help teach what we had learned to other cops...a thousand of them to get specific. So, we started the Ten 7 Project. After several months of seeing dozens of cops change their lives, a firefighter asked if we could help him. Although the Ten 7 Project only allowed cops, we couldn't think of a good reason to tell him no. We decided to expand the project to allow all first responders, public safety professionals, and veterans to participate.

We are able to help people all over the country because of our brokerage, REAL Brokerage, and so far we have more than 60 agents licensed and up and running with 100s more in real estate school and itching to go. We are well on our way to achieving our goals, and things keep getting better each month!

Real Estate has now provided us with a very stable, consistent stream of income, and we are confident we can teach others how to do what we've done. We have a heart for helping public safety workers, specifically, because we can use shared culture, language, and concepts that make sense to each other. Working together, we can push each other to achieve our goals, whether small or big.

So obviously, I have other public safety professionals, real estate agents, and team leaders ask me:

"How did you do this when I can't seem to figure out how to get a client?"

"Can you teach me how to do what you did in my real estate business if I'm already licensed?"

Getting questions like this all the time makes it all the more clear that our plans for the Ten 7 Project are exactly what we should be going after. When you're part of the project we will:


✅ Teach unlicensed people how to get their real estate license, onboard with our brokerage, and guide them on how to implement exactly what they need to do to grow a part-time or full-time real estate consulting business, even with no experience.


✅ Teach licensed agents with a public safety background how to take their business and team(s) to the next level.


✅ Teach agents how to be tactical and not traditional with regard to how they conduct and build their business.


✅ Help licensed and producing agents learn our approach and become agent-attracting magnets and join us in helping public safety workers and veterans across the country build options for their futures!

So if you are unlicensed and want to learn more or become part of our launch group, click the button below!

Or, if you are already licensed and open to learning how we can help you or how you can join our little movement, click the button below!

We won't be a good fit for everyone and that's ok. We are looking to achieve our goals with simplicity and clarity and we won't stop until we get there. While we invite others to join us we will never chase after anyone and you should know that upfront. We want to help you, but to a degree, you will have to help yourself, too.

Once you click the below button you'll be prompted for some basic information that will best help us know how to best connect and help you in your next steps.

See ya out there,